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Dell Chat Log

Dell’s website won’t let you sort their products by things like screen resolution, but luckily, they offer a handy “chat” feature. So I started the chat, and the rest speaks for itself. Below is the “Dell Chat Session Log” (I might have edited some of my spelling mistakes)

Session Started with Agent (Tabassum M)
Agent (Tabassum M): “Hi Philip”
Agent (Tabassum M): “Welcome to Dell US Chat! My name is Tabassum Meraj and I will be your Dell.com Sales Chat Expert.
I can be reached at tabassum_meraj@dell.com or via phone at 1-800-289-3355 ext. 4163264. How can I help you today?”
Philip: “What’s the cheapest laptop dell has with around 1000 lines of resolution on the monitor?”
Agent (Tabassum M): “I would be Glad to assist you with that question”
Agent (Tabassum M): “how many inches of monitor are you looking at ?”
Philip: “It doesn’t matter.”
Philip: “I just want more than 720 lines of resolution.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “give me 2 minutes while I check that for you”
Philip: “ok”
Agent (Tabassum M): “thank you for waiting Philip”
Agent (Tabassum M): “we have Dell IN2030M 20-Inch Flat Panel Monitor with LED that comes with 1600X900 resolution for $159.99”
Philip: “I understand…”
Philip: “But…”
Philip: “My question was…”
Philip: “What’s the cheapest laptop dell has with around 1000 lines of resolution on the monitor?”
Philip: “laptop”
Agent (Tabassum M): “Philip you want the laptop screen with 1000 resolution”
Philip: “Yes. A laptop with a screen that has more than 720 lines of resolution.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “we have XPS 15 with 1080p resolution for $949.99 which is the least expensive one we have”
Philip: “Ah. Ok. thank you.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “How soon are you planning to purchase?”
Philip: “Unsure.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “we have very good deals running I can suggest one as per your needs”
Philip: “good deals on XPS 15 ?”
Agent (Tabassum M): “yes Philip”
Philip: “So they are $949.99 ? or are they actually less than $949.99 ?”
Agent (Tabassum M): “the price is $949.99 I can create quote and see what best deal I can offer you from my side however it will be valid only for today”
Philip: “Because I don’t really want or need the included camera and software. I have all of that already.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “all our laptops come with inbuilt webcam”
Philip: “That’s fine. i’m talking about this: “Includes Canon digital camera and Adobe Photoshop & Premier Elements.””
Philip: “That’s the one that is $999.99 on your website.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “that is on promotion which camera with camera included in the deal we cannot remove it”
Agent (Tabassum M): “would you like to check the deal on the one without camera which is for $949.99”
Philip: “Sure”
Agent (Tabassum M): “can you help me with your phone number to pull your information”
Philip: “Actually, none of MY information will help you determine the price of your products.”
Philip: “Let me know the price.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “Philip I need to create quote to help you with the best deal”
Agent (Tabassum M): “Quote is not a commitment to purchase. But it Is the list of all the specs & also the price so that you can be absolutely clear of what you are getting & paying.”
Philip: “you’re losing the sale… you have my email address.”+B62
Philip: “You do not need my phone number.”
Philip: “you either have a price or you don’t.”
Philip: “If you do. I’m still listening.”
Philip: “If you don’t, then you’re wasting my time.”
Agent (Tabassum M): “the best deal that I can help you with is for $849.99”
Philip: “Is there a link for the computer that is that price?”
Philip: “the list of all the specs?”
Agent (Tabassum M): “Philip the price for the system on website is $949.99 and I need to create quote which will be emailed to you for $849.99 as it is not available online”
Philip: “You emailed it to me? Ok. Great! Thank you!”
Agent (Tabassum M): “Philip to create quote I need your information which will be emailed to you”
Philip: “I don’t need you to email me my information. I already have it. I need you to email me your product information. This is not difficult.”
Philip: “I understand you are following your rules, so I’m iritated at your rules, not you, personally.”
Philip: “I don’t need you to email me my phone number.”
Philip: “I need you to email me the price plus the specs. that’s it.”
Philip: “Can you do that or not.”
Philip: “?”
Agent (Tabassum M): “I understand Philip however this is the procedure to follow for a quote and I can help you with the link where you can check the specs however for the price that I offered it can only be done by quote”
Philip: “fine. SEND ME THE QUOTE!”
Agent (Tabassum M): “Can you help me with your billing and shipping address full name and contact number to create quote for you”
Philip: “Ha ha.”
Philip: “your procedures just lost you the sale.”
Session Ended